What is EEN

The European Union established the “Enterprise Europe Network” (Enterprise Europe Network, EEN) in 2008. It has more than 60 member states, more than 600 business associations, and technology transfer units as contact points, and is the world’s widest and most influential one of matchmaking platforms. Taiwan joined EEN in 2015. Under the leadership of the Bureau of Trade, the “EEN Taiwan Business Center EEN Taiwan” is formed by the Foreign Trade Association, the Electricity Council, and the Industrial Research Institute to provide services related to our business projects.

Service items

3 major spindles

17 key industries

Agricultural food
Vehicle transportation and logistics
Biochemical Technology
Cultural and Creative
Environmental protection
Medical Insurance
Information and communication services
Smart energy
Shipping and its services
Service and retail
Sustainable building
Textile and Fashion
Tourism and cultural heritage
Female entrepreneurship

my country has joined 3 EEN industry groups: “Medical Care Industry Group”, “Information and Communication Industry Group”, and “Environmental Group”

Service form

Online matchmaking

This service adopts the “anonymity system” and focuses on product features to facilitate members to demonstrate product advantages and competitiveness. There are more than 5,000 business, technology and R&D cooperation opportunities in the database. EEN Taiwan will provide professional consultation to help manufacturers familiarize themselves with the operation process.
Online matchmaking is mainly divided into “Delivery Cooperation Willingness EOI” and “Business Opportunity Profile Writing”:

Physical match

EEN Taiwan conducts negotiations with other contact points at major professional exhibitions in Taiwan and Europe. Fees and discounts are subject to the organizer’s regulations. Registration for negotiations in Taiwan is free.
Using the exclusive appointment and negotiation platform, you can publish products for free to increase your exposure, and you can also contact foreign businessmen in the background.
For related event information, please follow the EEN Taiwan website and subscribe to the membership e-newsletter.


On the 1st and 15th of each month, Euretrade Taiwan Business Center will send an e-newsletter on business opportunities to member manufacturers, containing 10 business opportunities and activities in the current period. Many member manufacturers are welcome to use and post business opportunities, and at the same time, business opportunities are also available. It will be published on the “Selected Business Opportunities” page of this website.
If you do not want to receive the business opportunity e-newsletter, please write to een@taitra.org.tw.