B2match platform: matchmaking meeting appointment

This article will introduce the basic operation of B2match “match meeting appointment”, using the B2match platform of the “2017 Europe-Taiwan Future Industry Dialogue Visiting Group” from June 26 to 27 as an example of registration. The operation instruction is as follows:

1. Login

Click Login on the right to log in (in the red box in the picture below)

2. Your Account

Click “YOUR ACCOUNT” to enter the account backstage. It is recommended to fill in the Cooperation profile so that foreign investors can understand your company/your company’s products and needs, and then make an appointment and contact with your company/your company. The red box on the right of the figure below indicates the number of appointments your company has reserved.

3. Participants

Enter the link in the yellow box to enter the “Participants” page and search for the vendor you wish to negotiate.

1. Red box: Quick search, you can search for foreign businessmen by keyword or country, etc., check the option below to filter whether there are manufacturers participating in the fair.
2. Green box: There are manufacturers who have participated in the fair and can make an appointment for negotiation. You can click the button on the left to make an appointment directly, or click the button on the right to enter the business page and browse its profile.

4. Request Meeting

If you are interested in negotiating with the vendor, you can click the green button (Request Meeting) on the right to make an appointment (see Figure 1 below).

If necessary, you can send messages you want to foreign companies (but not mandatory).

[Important] After the appointment is completed, please wait for the foreign investor to review whether you agree to the invitation of your organization/company. If there is an appointment for the matchmaking session between the foreign businessperson and your organization/company, your organization/company must also review whether to accept the invitation; if it exceeds the appointment Negotiation period, unreviewed negotiations will be cancelled directly, and you will lose a matchmaking opportunity.

5. Meetings

To view the reservation and negotiation status, please log in and go to the “Meetings” at the bottom right of “Your Account” to confirm (as shown below). This page can also review and confirm the reservation status.

6. After the appointment is closed, the system will automatically arrange the meeting according to the matchmaking meeting time and the appointment situation selected by the participants, and send the negotiation timetable before the event. You can also log in to the “Meetings” page to view the event time and table number and other information.