French company twiinIT seeks Taiwan clients to build multi IT system

Info Brief:

To understand, design and operate increasingly complex products, the most innovative industries need to simulate the complete life cycle and explore the interactions between the components and the physics of their complex products.During more than 3 years of research work supported by Safran, we created a collaborative platform to set up a multi-physics, multi-component, multi-fidelity interactive digital twin, much more efficient than any other available toots.Our digital twin is able to reproduce in a few seconds the behavior of a product under its various physical components and to resize it if necessary to fit a set of objectives or measurements.

Partner Seeking:

We would like to find partners to seek new opportunities:– With academics and engineer schools, develop a platform for the design and execution of digital twins accessible online to help teachers raise awareness among engineering students of the challenges of complexity in design– With airlines, design a multi system and multi physic aircraft digital twin to help reduce operation and maintenance costs.

We are open for discussion and collaboration! 
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