Personal information privacy protection statement

EEN Taiwan (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Center”) respects and strives to protect your personal privacy and personal data. According to Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, it will inform you of the following:

1. Purpose of collection

Assist manufacturers in the development of foreign trade, trade promotion and management; customer management and services; counseling for small and medium-sized enterprises and other industries; event promotion; business and technical information; information (communication) information and database management; survey, statistics, and research analysis; and The collection, processing, and utilization of personal data by non-public agencies in accordance with the law.

2. Categories of Personal Data

Identification, social conditions, and/or other types of personal data necessary for the purpose of collection, etc.

3. Period, region, object and method of processing and using personal data

❶ Period: the duration of the specific purpose of personal data collection, or the retention period agreed in accordance with relevant laws or contracts, or the retention period necessary for the center to perform business (which is longer than the period agreed to in-laws or contracts), or otherwise agreed by you For a longer period.
❷ Region: Including the Republic of China, the countries of the center and its jurisdiction, the location of the recipient of internationally transmitted personal data that is not restricted by the central destination business authority, the location of the person who uses the personal data, and the center’s business contacts location.
❸ Target: Your information may be provided to our agents, contractors, service providers that provide online payment authentication or other related services, and partners (such as PayPal, Internet Prestige, acquiring banks, eBay), Recipients of internationally transmitted personal data that are not restricted by the central destination business authority, other institutions, courts, and/or government authorities that have business dealings with the center.
❹ Method: use automated machines or other non-automated methods for collection, processing, utilization, and international transmission.

4. Rights and methods that can be exercised in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law

With regard to your personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, you have the right to:
❶ For inquiries or requests for reading, and for making a copy of the request, the center may charge the necessary costs at its discretion
❷ Request supplements or corrections, but you should provide appropriate explanations in accordance with the law
❸ Request to stop the collection, processing or use, and request to delete, but it is necessary for the center to perform its duties or business, you may not comply with your request in accordance with the law
❹ If you use your personal data for marketing, you have to indicate that you refuse to accept marketing. If you want to exercise the above rights, please email to or call the customer service hotline of Euretrade Taiwan Business Center (02-2725-5200).

5. The impact of non-providing personal information on rights and interests

If you do not agree to provide information, you will not be able to accept the services provided by this center.

6. It has been confirmed that the personal information provided is true and correct; if there is any change afterward, the relevant certification documents will be checked and sent to the center for correction.