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Welcome to our website. The content of this website sets out the terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) agreed between you (“user” or “you”) and EEN Taiwan Business Center (“EEN Taiwan” or “we”). You should access and use EEN Taiwan’s European Economic and Trade Network EEN Taiwan (URL:, referred to as “this site”) in accordance with these Terms of Use. When you start to access and/ Or by using this website, you agree to abide by and be bound by these terms of use. Please review the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website.

1.1 The content of this website. This website provides an online platform for companies or other corporate entities to access or use the information, data, documents, text, images, short videos, business directories, files, databases, rosters, services or mechanisms and/or provided on this website. Use the B2B e-commerce transaction services and other services of this website to engage in e-commerce (“Content”).

1.2 Revision. EEN Taiwan may revise these terms of use at any time according to its decision, and publish the latest version of terms of use on this website without prior notice to members. Users are obliged to review the latest terms of use at any time. These terms of use shall not be modified or changed unless agreed by EEN Taiwan.

The user agrees to the terms and conditions contained in these terms of use. After accessing and/or using this website, the user accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms of use, regardless of whether the user actually read or reviewed these terms of use. By accessing, using, continuing to access, and/or using this website, the user accepts and agrees to be bound by the latest version of these terms of use. If the user does not agree to the terms and conditions set out in the latest version of these terms of use, the user should immediately stop using this website.

These terms of use, the privacy policy of this website included in the accompanying and reference, as well as the user’s compliance with the terms announced by EEN Taiwan from time to time, together constitute the entire agreement between the user and EEN Taiwan, and replace the relevant and related to this website and from this website. Or through the content, goods or services provided on this website, and all previous agreements, promises or guarantees that are the subject of these terms of use.

3.1 Content provided. EEN Taiwan has the full right to decide on the content of this website and the method of providing it. The user confirms that EEN Taiwan may remove, modify, upgrade, suspend, cancel or terminate part or all of the content at any time at its discretion, without prior notice to the user.

3.2 Restrictions on use. EEN Taiwan reserves the right to restrict users from using part or all of the content for any reason, including but not limited to modifying or removing any information posted by users on this website, or conducting prior reviews without prior notice to users. EEN Taiwan reserves the right to remove data that it reasonably believes is illegal, may cause EEN Taiwan to be liable, violates these terms of use, or EEN Taiwan believes to be inappropriate at its sole discretion. The User confirms and agrees that EEN Taiwan may restrict the user’s use of Content, and is not liable for any compensation.

3.3 Content provided by a third party. The User confirms and agrees that the specific content provided on this website may be provided by a third person (“third party content”), and EEN Taiwan will treat such third party content (including but not limited to registered users of this website (“Member “), PayPal, Internet Prestige, and third-party content provided by each acquiring bank) are not responsible. The user shall also abide by the terms and conditions set by the third-party (including but not limited to the provisions of the third party in accordance with foreign exchange control or other laws and regulations). EEN Taiwan has the right to remove, modify, upgrade, suspend, revoke or terminate part or all of the third-party content at any time at its discretion without prior notice to the user, and EEN Taiwan is not responsible for such measures.

4.1 Not for resale. The user’s purpose of accessing, using, and/or consulting this website shall be limited to his personal or internal operation purposes, and it is forbidden to use the content of this website for any purpose not expressly permitted by these terms of use. The user agrees that without EEN Taiwan’s prior written consent, any content of this website may not be copied, reproduced, downloaded, and/or systematically retrieved for distribution, sales or other commercial purposes.

4.2 Not for use by end consumers. The goods or services published on this website are for B2B transactions only. Users may not purchase any goods or services based on the location of the final consumer on this website, nor may they provide any goods or services on this website to the final consumer. If EEN Taiwan suffers any damage as a result, the user shall be fully responsible for compensation for EEN Taiwan.

4.3 Violation of safety measures. Users shall not violate or attempt to violate the security measures of this website, including but not limited to accessing information that is not their access; logging in to servers or accounts for unauthorized access; attempting to probe, inspect or test systems or networks Vulnerabilities; attempts to undermine security or authentication measures without proper authorization; attempts to interfere with member services, hosts, or networks; or send emails without the recipient’s permission. If the user violates the system or network security, civil or criminal liability may arise.

4.4 Illegal conduct. When using this website, users must not (1) transmit, distribute or store information in violation of any relevant laws and regulations; (2) infringe on the patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, or other intellectual property rights or rights of others, or violate the rights of others Privacy, portrait rights or other personal rights; (3) Post any remarks in a manner that is defamatory, obscene, threatening, abusive or hateful; or (4) Engaging in any other illegal acts.

4.5 No contractual capacity. Users who do not have the ability to enter into legally binding contracts are not allowed to use this website.

4.6 False advertising. Users shall not post false, incorrect, misleading, or defamatory content on this website, nor shall they post fraudulent advertisements or advertisements involving the sale of counterfeit goods.

4.7 Spam. Users are not allowed to send spam, including but not limited to any form of email sent without the recipient’s permission.

4.8 Restrictions on the contract. The user understands that the use restrictions set forth in Article 4 and other relevant provisions of these Terms of Use are contractual restrictions, and such restrictions may not be restricted by technical means on this website.

4.9 Users must not do the following:
1. Provide fraudulent information or offer, sell or attempt to sell items that involve counterfeit or stolen goods, or items that are prohibited by relevant laws for sale and/or marketing, or engage in illegal activities.
2. Infringe or otherwise encourage others to infringe or violate a third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other exclusive rights, privacy rights, or other legal rights.
3. Violation of relevant laws, regulations or regulations, including but not limited to laws, regulations or regulations related to import and export control, unfair competition, foreign exchange control, prohibition of discrimination, or related to false advertising.
4. Provide or promote obscene materials, content, or materials.
5. Promote discrimination against race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
6. Provide information that contains damage to reputation, defamation, illegal intimidation or illegal harassment.
7. For acts involving copying, reproducing, using or misusing EEN Taiwan’s exclusive business directories, databases and rosters or other materials.
8. Plan to destroy EEN
The integrity of computer systems or networks used by Taiwan and/or content users, or attempts to gain unauthorized access to such computer systems or networks. 9. Use or provide computer viruses, or other destructive devices and codes that damage, interfere with, intercept or abuse any software or hardware system, data or personal data.
10. Provide materials that constitute unauthorized advertisements or harassment (including but not limited to spam), infringe on the privacy of others, or encourage others to act that may constitute a criminal offense, civil liability or violation of laws and regulations;
11. Provide direct or indirect Internet links to goods, services or content or other materials prohibited by laws or these Terms of Use, or contain descriptions of such goods, services, content or materials.
12. Acts as part of a plan to deceive other users or other users of this website or have other illegal purposes.
13. Direct or indirect violation of the law.

5.1 Independence of the website provider. Users should know and confirm that EEN Taiwan is not any buyer, supplier, counter party, or party to transactions on this website, nor does it represent the supplier or buyer or participate in such transactions in any form.

5.2 Transaction risks and responsibilities. Users should bear all the risks and responsibilities of buying and selling goods and content on this website. EEN Taiwan is responsible for any transaction risks and responsibilities (including but not limited to: the legality of the goods or content, the supplier may sell (including but not limited to inventory) And logistics matters) or the buyer’s ability to purchase, quality, quantity, safety, misrepresentation, mislabeling, defective goods or content, payment inability or payment delay, fraud, violation of guarantee, and delivery accident). We are not responsible for any damages, liabilities, expenses, inconveniences, business interruptions, or expenses. The user shall be responsible for the above-mentioned transaction risks and responsibilities according to law.

5.3 Compensation. If there is a dispute between the user and any party to the transaction, if it causes EEN Taiwan to suffer damages (including actual, direct, indirect, derivative and special damages) or expenditures (including but not limited to claims, requests, demands, or charges) (Including litigation and attorney fees), the user agrees to fully compensate EEN Taiwan.

The content of this website belongs to the intellectual property of EEN Taiwan or other rights holders and is protected by copyright, trademark, and other exclusive rights laws. Unless EEN Taiwan or the right holder expressly agrees in writing, it may not be downloaded or copied in other ways. All rights, ownership, and intellectual property rights in the content of this website belong to EEN Taiwan. It is strictly prohibited to use without EEN Taiwan’s written consent, and EEN Taiwan reserves all related rights.

7.1 No need to be responsible for user activities. EEN Taiwan is not responsible for any user’s behavior on this website, nor is it responsible for any damage suffered by any person due to the user’s behavior.

7.2 No need to be responsible for the information provided by the user. EEN Taiwan is not responsible for any information posted by users or third parties, including but not limited to fraudulent, false, misleading, incorrect, defamatory, offensive or illegal information, nor does it have to The third party is responsible, and the user is responsible for the risk of damage to such data. EEN Taiwan has no obligation to review the content posted by users on this website.

7.3 No responsibility for errors or interruptions of this website. EEN Taiwan shall not be liable to the user or any third party for any kind of loss, damage, claim/request, liability or damage caused by the following: (i) this website, this service, or may be obtained from this website or content Error, incorrect or omission of the goods, (ii) the website or its functions and its applications are unavailable or interrupted, (iii) users use this website, (iv) the content contained in this website, or (v) due to use Or unable to use this website and delay or fail to fulfill obligations.

7.4 Disclaimer of content provision. This website and/or the content provided through this website are provided according to the current situation. EEN Taiwan hereby expressly declares that it does not provide any guarantee, whether express or implied, including but not limited to property rights, quality, conditions, performance, accuracy, Reliability, marketability, or non-infringement related guarantees, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, exclude the above guarantees, statements, conditions, and terms. The user shall bear all the responsibilities and risks of using the content on or through this website.

7.5 No statement is made regarding accuracy or competence. EEN Taiwan will do its best to ensure the highest integrity and accuracy of this website. However, to the maximum extent permitted by law, EEN Taiwan has not made any comments on the validity, legality, and accuracy of this website and/or the information or products provided through this website. Degree, quality, reliability, stability or completeness, or the supplier’s ability to sell goods, or the buyer’s ability to purchase goods, make any declarations and guarantees, nor does it declare and guarantee that any transaction can be completed.
7.6 At your own risk. The user downloads the content or obtains the information at his unilateral discretion, and shall bear the relevant risks, and shall also be responsible for the computer system damage or data loss caused by the download or use of the above-mentioned information.

7.7 There is no implied warranty. Except for the guarantees expressly stated in these terms of use, EEN Taiwan does not provide any guarantees for the content of this website.

7.8 Links to other websites. This website contains links to third-party websites. These links are only provided for the convenience of users, and are not endorsement of the content of the third-party websites by EEN Taiwan, so users should use their own risk when linking to these websites responsible for.

7.9 Provide government agency information. EEN Taiwan has the right to fully cooperate with government agencies, private investigation companies, and/or damaged third parties to investigate any suspected criminal or civil crimes. EEN Taiwan may also disclose the user’s identity, contact information, or any other information at the request of the government, law enforcement agencies, or damaged third parties, or due to subpoenas or other legal actions, and will not cause any damage or results to it. responsible for. The user agrees not to initiate actions, claims, and/or requests (including litigation requests) against EEN Taiwan for the above disclosure.

7.10 No derivative damage. EEN Taiwan is not liable for damages, including but not limited to the following: special, direct, indirect, incidental, or derivative damages, including but not limited to the use of this website, anyone’s inability to use this website, or due to performance failures, errors, Omissions, interruptions, defects, operation or transmission delays, computer viruses, system failures, or unauthorized access to member data or private data by a third party, resulting in a profit, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses, or business Damages such as interruption, regardless of whether EEN Taiwan has notified in advance that such damages may occur, the same.

7.11 Limitation of Liability. Without prejudice to the above regulations and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, EEN Taiwan and its employees, agents, directors, managers, affiliates, representatives, successors, third-party suppliers of materials or documents, or any representative of EEN People in Taiwan, for all requests related to content usage, this website or the information, products, and documents provided on this website, should be responsible for all the cumulative responsibilities of each user, which shall be limited to NT$20,000, and the amount may be used in lieu of use The person can provide all other reliefs to EEN Taiwan, and it does not rule out that the user is required to provide proof of actual damage.

The privacy policy of this website is part of the terms of use. The current privacy policy content of this website can be accessed through the “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom of most pages of this website. Due to the development of the Internet, security functions and privacy policies may also change at any time. Therefore, EEN Taiwan has the right to modify or change its privacy policy at any time. Users should check the privacy policy regularly to obtain any updated information.

If the user violates these terms of use (including but not limited to the user’s declarations and guarantees) and the documents attached and quoted in these terms of use, or uses this service through this website, or infringes the rights of others (including but not limited to any product, content, the information provided, infringement of the patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of a third party), resulting in EEN Taiwan, its employees, agents, directors, managers, affiliated companies, representatives, successors, and data Or the third party supplier of the document, or any person representing EEN Taiwan suffers any liability, request, claim, loss, expenditure (including but not limited to litigation and attorney fees) and damage, the user shall compensate for all the resulting loss. EEN Taiwan reserves the exclusive and exclusive rights to defend and control the above matters, and the user is not exempted from liability for compensation.

Unless otherwise agreed, all legal notices provided to EEN Taiwan and related to these Terms of Use shall be sent to EEN Taiwan by email or written letter (email:, address: 333, Section 1, Jilong Road, 11012, Taipei City) No. 5 floors). EEN Taiwan has the right to send legal notices to users based on the address or email provided to EEN Taiwan at the time of application. Notifications sent by e-mail, except for the notification that the sender receives the e-mail address as an invalid address, shall be deemed to have been delivered within 24 hours after the e-mail is sent. If the notice is sent by mail, the notification shall be delivered after delivery 3 days are deemed to be served.

11.1 Governing law and competent court. The governing law of these terms of use is the law of the Republic of China (its selection rules do not apply). For all disputes arising from these terms of use, the Taiwan Taipei District Court of the Republic of China shall be the court of jurisdiction for the first instance.

11.2 No agency relationship. These terms of use do not create or intend to create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise relationship between the user and EEN Taiwan.

11.3 Severability. When any clause or part of these terms of use is deemed unenforceable or invalid by any court of jurisdiction, the term or part shall be deleted from these terms of use, and the remaining terms or parts of these terms of use shall remain fully effective. The unenforceable or invalid clause or part should be changed within the scope permitted by law to achieve the purpose of the clause or part as far as possible.

11.4 Title. The title of the articles in these terms of use is provided for reference only, and shall not be used to define, limit, interpret or explain the scope of the articles.

11.5 No waiver. EEN Taiwan’s waiver or failure to enforce rights or take action when the user violates these terms of use shall not be regarded as a waiver of its right to take action against the user’s other breaches.

11.6 Assignment. EEN Taiwan has the right to transfer these terms of use to any natural or legal person, but users are not allowed to transfer these terms of use to any natural or legal person, except with the written consent of EEN Taiwan.

11.7 Language. If there is any discrepancy between other translated versions of these terms of use and the traditional Chinese version, the traditional Chinese version shall prevail.