Taiwan and Czech companies join forces to create business opportunities despite the epidemic

The President of the Czech Senate Vitzi led a delegation of 89 people to Taiwan. The Bureau of International Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Foreign Trade Association organized the “Taiwan-Czech Enterprise Matchmaking Meeting” at Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 on August 31. There were 34 Czech businessmen and more than 100 companies. Taiwanese businessmen participated in the grand event, and the two sides conducted nearly 180 one-on-one business negotiations.

Today’s Matchmaking Conference, both parties are seeking opportunities for trade cooperation and technological development in areas such as industrial automation, data management systems, robots and industrial arms, artificial intelligence software and hardware, car networking, and railway inspection systems. The Taiwanese and Czech businessmen who attended this day’s event were very affirmed of the effectiveness of this negotiation. The two sides further understood the niche of cooperation through face-to-face negotiations. The participants in the conference industry are full of expectations for future cooperation.

Taiwan and the Czech Republic have complementary economic and trade structures and are each other’s important source of imports. For example, as much as 70% of China’s exports to the Czech Republic are components and capital goods. Among them, my country’s vehicle parts and accessories, communications, and business machinery parts are the second largest and second largest in the Czech Republic. 4 major sources of imports; the Czech Republic is the first and sixth largest source of imports for microscopes and passenger cars used in our semiconductor manufacturing process. In recent years, the Czech Republic has listed information security and national defense as key areas of its national artificial intelligence strategy, which is in line with my country’s six core strategic industries.

Both Taiwan and the Czech Republic have a solid industrial foundation. In recent years, bilateral trade volume has continued to grow. In 2019, the total bilateral trade volume was 820 million U.S. dollars, and bilateral relations have become increasingly heated. On the basis of existing industrial chain cooperation, the two countries will develop closer economic and trade relations and create business opportunities together.

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Taiwan and Czech companies join forces to create business opportunities despite the epidemic