2019/06/27 2019年臺北國際醫療暨健康照顧展 EEN展中媒合會

歐洲經貿網(EEN Taiwan)將於2019年臺北國際醫療暨健康照顧展(MEDICAl Taiwan)期間,舉辦EEN展中媒合會,邀請歐洲買主來台參家洽談會,敬請有興趣的廠商加入會員、訂閱我們的電子報掌握最新資訊!


【德商 ACO Pharma Wholesale Logistic】
藥品和醫療產品。我們是歐盟GDP認證的藥房批發和配送中心,提供歐盟 - GDP諮詢和註冊流程pharmacy and Medical Product. We are EU GDP certifiyed pharmacy wholesale and distribution center. We offer EU - GDP consulting and registration- processes

【德商 AirMed PLUS GmbH】
我們正為老年人尋找醫療設備或產品的製造商,產品需符合歐洲法律可立即上市出售。We are looking for manufacturers of medical devices or product in general for elderly people. Products need to be ready to sell according to the European law.

【西班牙商 CIBER-BBN】
尋求對外授權機會、診斷、生物影像、納米材料、生物材料、先進醫療及藥物運送,我們希望與醫療設備和治療領域的公司或機構建立新的聯繫,也有興趣參加B2B展中媒合會。Out-license opportunities, diagnostics, bioimaging, nanomaterial, biomaterials, Advanced Therapies, drug delivery / We would like to make new contacts with companies and other entities in areas of medical devices and therapeutics. We are also interested in participating in the B2B trade Show.