2017/06/30 Taiwan and The EU holds wide-ranging trade events in Brussels

Taiwan sent the largest business delegation by far last June 26 to Brussels for a series of economic and trade events. The events were facilitated by Enterprise Europe Network Taiwan and Enterprise Europe Network Flanders, Belgium, to provide not only an information exchange platform but also cooperation opportunities in different industrial fields for businesses from both Taiwan and the EU.

Taiwanese companies sought close cooperation with European partners, focusing on three featured trends: smart manufacturing, circular economy, and 5G. Taiwan has been at the forefront of the development of circular economy, as reflected in the nation’s high recycling rate of 55%.  Taiwan’s circular economy is expected to increase to 61% by 2020 and become an Asian circular economic hub by 2022.

The Taiwan group also presented its ambitious plans for smart manufacturing and 5G during these events. Collaborations between Taiwan and the EU in these sectors would be an important step towards more technological exchanges between the two sides and also in keeping relevant industries in sync with the trends.

In the meantime the collaborative efforts of European Commission, Bureau of Foreign Trade, Department of Industry Technology (DOIT), Industrial Technology Research Institute, European Cluster Collaboration Platform, Industrial Development Bureau, Environmental Protection Administration, and Silicon Europe Worldwide ensured the success of the industrial dialogue between the Taiwan and EU sides.

Cross-sectoral matchmaking events also took place on 27th and 28th June, which offered the participants opportunities to meet potential business partners. Some 124 meetings had been arranged for the 28 participating SMEs, industry organizations, and research institutions.

A group of 12 Taiwanese clusters met with European cluster representatives and conducted some 70 separate C2C meetings. Also, 12 Taiwanese enterprises held a total of 37 B2B meetings with different foreign companies and research units. On a G2G level, four government organisations of Taiwan discussed a broad range of issues with 17 different agencies from the EU.

Overall, there were 58 SMEs, industries, and research units from 18 countries that took part in the events. Some 160 meetings were held during the 3-day visit to Brussels and a wide range of products was presented by the Taiwanese delegates. The events were covered by local commercial news, with Canal Z holding exclusively interviews with Aker Technology and Yoda Communications, which were broadcast in Belgium as a series of business stories on July 3.